Star Destroyer Imperial Mould King 13135 - MK Stars

Manufacturer:Mould King
List Number:MK-13135
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Assemble the kit from 11 885 blocks according to 2 clear instructions. To build the first part of the ship you use the instructions marked A, for the second part you use B.






The model is well and solidly made and the shape of the ship with details exactly matches the model.








The kit contains many details along its length. There are various types of cannons on the sides and the detailed ion engines at the rear are also worth mentioning.






Together with the ship you can also build 3 small ships that can be placed inside the main model.








The kit is really big. It is even 118 cm long. It is 72 cm wide and 38 cm high.








Although the spaceship is a product of the imagination of science fiction enthusiasts, the Empire's attack cruiser also has set technical parameters, and they are interesting:

 Class  Star Destroyer
 Length  900 metres
 Propulsion  Hyperdrive system
 Staff  4 800 persons
 Armament  40x Turbolaser + 80x ion cannon + 20 proton torpedoes