Assault rifle AKS-74U Mould King 14020 - Military

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List Number:MK-14020
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Assemble the kit from 1418 pieces according to the clear instructions.






The model is well detailed. It has a folding stock and can fire projectiles thanks to the motor and spring inside.









Along with the weapon you will also assemble a fully functional magazine. It can be inserted into the gun and removed by pressing the safety. The main functionality is provided by the XL motor together with the switch and battery module. The module requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included. The rifle can fire a plastic projectile. The kit is really just a model and so the shot is harmless and safe, yet always follow safe play guidelines. Do not aim for the eyes or face.





Like a real

The model is realistically sized 1:1 and resembles a real AK-74U as closely as possible. It has sophisticated sights and a great looking body and barrel.










NO STRESS protection

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