Merry carousel - GirlĀ“s Dream - Sluban M38-B0725

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What can you look forward to?:

The package of the kit contains a total of 762 multi-colored quality pieces from which you can assemble a carousel, a cash register (the pieces will not be transported without payment, will they?), An ice cream cart and a bench if the figures turn their heads. The set contains a total of 9 figures + a dog and a cat. With the carousel, it is really possible to turn and it is adjusted so that it is possible to comfortably place the figures in it, and there is nothing to stop it from driving. In addition, the package also includes a special tool in the shape of a crocodile for easy disassembly of the cubes, even if the creative children want to rebuild the set.

The Sluban kit can be combined with Cobi and Lego cubes.

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