Mini building block sets - Girl´s Dream - Sluban M39-B0970, Vyberte si stavebnici Kočičí škrabadlo B0970D

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Cat tree B0970A

The kit contains a tree with a cat house with steps leading to it. A flowering garden under the tree, a cat scratcher, a girl and a spotted cat figure.








Dog training B0970B

The set includes a kennel for the dog with a bone, a bench, a training obstacle, a feeding bowl, a flowering tree, a trainer figure and of course a dog figure.








Cat salon B0970C

The set includes a box for hair cutting, a heart-shaped tub for bathing cats, a colourful parasol, a stool, a cat hairdresser figure and a grey cat figure.








Cat scratching post

The set includes a complete scratching post with many manholes and a sleeping bowl for the cat, a food bowl, a breeder figure and a grey cat figure.








Playground for dogs

The set includes a slide with steps for dogs and children, a swing, a bouncing ring, a breeder figure and a brown puppy figure.








Refreshments for dogs

The set includes a purple car with cheerful decorations, a automatic machine with a water bowl and granules, a breeder figure and a brown dog figure.








Sluban kits can be combined with Cobi and Lego bricks.