Pull back car - Sluban M38-B0959 - Power Bricks, Vyberte si stavebnici Hasiči B0916G

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What can you look forward to?

The mini cars from the Power Bricks collection have a built-in mechanism, so just pull the car slightly backwards and let go. The car will move forward on its own. And which one is the fastest? Well, you'll have to collect them all. Approximate dimensions: length 8 cm, width 4 cm, height 4,5 cm (different according to type).  Power Bricks cars bring a lot of fun for little money.

Sluban sets can be combined with Cobi and Lego bricks.

White sports car-B0916A 





Purple sports car-B0916B





Black sports car-B0916C





Blue sports car-B0916D





Garbage truck-B0916E










Fire truck-B0916G





Police car-B0916H