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Information about the use of cookies on the website

Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser from the website or application you visit. They are stored on your hard drive. Information from the data files is then sent back to the server each time your browser sends a request to the server to view a page.

We do not associate cookies with information that can identify you. Cookies help us to recognize those visitors (or their terminal device) who have already visited our site. They are of vital importance to us and help us to improve the content and appearance of our site. Furthermore, cookies allow us to identify the web server and map web browsers. 

Types of cooikies

  • First party cookies - are stored on the visitor's device by the website.
  • Third party cookies - are placed on the visitor's device by third party services

Types of used cookies

Technical cookies (necessary and functional)

Organisationally and technically necessary cookies ensure the proper functioning of websites and applications. Necessary cookies can be processed without the consent of visitors.

Analytical cookies (statistical)

They are only used with the consent of the website visitor and are used to analyse preferences.

Marketing cookies

We use only with the visitor's consent and are used to target relevant advertising and marketing services.

Legal basis for processing cookies by type

We process technical cookies based on our legitimate interest in the proper functioning of our website and applications. We process anylytic and marketing cookies only on the basis of the consent of website visitors. Once you have accessed the website, you can consent to all types of cookies by clicking on the "I agree to all" button, or you can only consent to a certain type of cookie by clicking on the "Settings" button. You can also regulate, restrict or disable the storage of cookies independently of us in your web browser settings. 

Third party cookies

Meta Ireland Ltd.
Google LLC (G4, Google signals)
dtest o.p.s.

We respect your privacy, uses cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website (essential cookies), to measure traffic (analytical cookies) and to personalize advertising (marketing cookies). In order to use cookies we need your kind consent. Thank you for helping us to improve our services. Click HERE for detailed information.


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