Roller coaster KINGLAND Mould King 11012 - Technik

Large and functional model of a roller coaster. A trolley travels through the coaster, which is shot into circulation by a motor and then pulled to the top of the coaster. After that, you just have to watch as it flies down and goes around all sorts of curves. Included in the package is a battery box that powers the motors.
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List Number: MK-11012
EAN: 6972316262127
Warranty:24 months (6 months for battery)
Manufacturer:Mould King
Price excluding VAT:2 265,00 CZK
Electronic Waste Recycling Fee:6 CZK
price overall (+ AF + PHE):2 747 CZK
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Assembly of the kit

You can assembl the kit from 3238 pieces according to clear instructions. When assembled, it is 96 cm long, 40.5 cm wide and 41 cm high.






The model is well made. Everything works as it should, the dice fit nicely and hold well. The kit contains 2 motors, thanks to which the cart can drive through the track. The motors are powered from a battery box that requires 6 AAA batteries to operate - these are not included. Looks exactly like a theme park ride with all the details.






There are many details around the roller coaster that enhance the impression of the kit. The stone walkways, benches, signs with the layout of the coaster, platforms with warnings or even the plane that the carriage passes every time look great.





Not only will you understand the roller coaster technique while building, but you will also have a lot of fun while playing afterwards. The cart first slowly climbs to the top and then quickly descends straight down into the curve. After going around a few curves, it returns back to the station. So - dare you go again?





Recommended age14+ years
Package weight4680 g
Number of pieces3238 pcs
Box dimensions40 x 40 x 13,5 cm
Dimensions after assembly96 x 40,5 x 41 cm
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