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Flowers - in a blooming meadow, at home in a vase, in the garden, in a bouquet. We meet them often, but only for a while do we see them blooming in colour. But what if there were some that bloomed every day? Ones that we don't spend time breaking our teeth on? Well, we have those. They're made of cubes, but they look very realistic and, most importantly, they don't fade.
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Warranty:24 months
Manufacturer:Mould King
Price excluding VAT:139,48 CZK
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Realistic flower kits available in many types. Assembling flowers is fun and not difficult. Depending on the variant, the pack contains from 83 to 180 blocks.



The set contains 127 pieces, the camellia will be 20,7 cm high when assembled.


The set contains 132 pieces, the tulip will be 25,5 cm tall when assembled.


The set contains 178 pieces, the lily will be 24 cm high when assembled.


The set contains 122 pieces, the narciska will be 26.8 cm high when assembled.


The set contains 131 pieces, the rose will be 24,2 cm high when assembled.


The set contains 132 pieces, the rhododendron will be 22,4 cm tall when assembled.

Barbenton´s daisy

The set contains 180 pieces, the daisy will be 18,9 cm high when assembled.


The set contains 145 pieces, the violet will be 23,8 cm high when assembled.


The set contains 116 pieces, the carnation will be 23.5 cm tall when assembled.


The set contains 83 pieces, the tulip will be 28,5 cm tall when assembled.

Cherry blossom

The set contains 108 pieces, the flowering cherry tree will be 25 cm high when assembled.


Source of pictures of real flowers:



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