Mini building block sets - Girl´s Dream - Sluban M39-B0970

Mini kits from the Girl's Dream collection can make you very happy despite their small size. The kits are in cheerful colours with nicely painted figures. You can pick them all up one by one or add them to the larger sets from this collection. The scale is the same so it will fit.
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List Number: M38-B0970
Warranty:24 months
Price excluding VAT:87,32 CZK
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Cat tree B0970A

The kit contains a tree with a cat house with steps leading to it. A flowering garden under the tree, a cat scratcher, a girl and a spotted cat figure.








Dog training B0970B

The set includes a kennel for the dog with a bone, a bench, a training obstacle, a feeding bowl, a flowering tree, a trainer figure and of course a dog figure.








Cat salon B0970C

The set includes a box for hair cutting, a heart-shaped tub for bathing cats, a colourful parasol, a stool, a cat hairdresser figure and a grey cat figure.








Cat scratching post

The set includes a complete scratching post with many manholes and a sleeping bowl for the cat, a food bowl, a breeder figure and a grey cat figure.








Playground for dogs

The set includes a slide with steps for dogs and children, a swing, a bouncing ring, a breeder figure and a brown puppy figure.








Refreshments for dogs

The set includes a purple car with cheerful decorations, a automatic machine with a water bowl and granules, a breeder figure and a brown dog figure.








Sluban kits can be combined with Cobi and Lego bricks.

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