Crawler Crane LR13000 R/C Mold King 17015 - Models

Building kit of a 180 cm tall model of a crane moving on tracks. It consists of a chassis and a main, secondary and balance arm. The individual arms are connected to each other and can be controlled remotely. The same goes for the chassis, where you can control the ride in all directions along with turning. You can control the entire kit either with the included remote control (with an integrated battery that you can charge with the included cable) or with a mobile phone with the MK Tech application.
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List Number: MK-17015
EAN: 6972316267153
Warranty:24 months (6 months for battery)
Manufacturer:Mould King
Price excluding VAT:3 213,99 CZK
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Assemble the kit from 4318 pieces according to the clear instructions. 






The crane is well and solidly made. Despite its size, it is not designed for lifting very heavy loads. You can operate the counterweight arm using the cogwheel on the chassis. Some parts of the crane are made of carbon fiber to make them more durable.







The crane tower is also well made and can rotate 360 degrees. At the rear, you can flip up the cover to access the battery box, which powers 6 motors. The battery box has an integrated battery that you can charge with the included cable. In addition to the great features, the look of the kit has also been thought of. That's why you can see inside the cabin with the seat and the control levers. 






Crane boom

The boom is the main part of any crane. And here's a big one! You can control the upward and downward movement of the main and secondary arms. Combined with the swivel tower, you can get everywhere you need to go. 








The model is really big. After assembly it is 188 cm long, 37 cm wide and 173 cm high. 







That the fun doesn't end with the build is clear to everyone. Thanks to the size of the crane, you can lift objects to great heights. This unlocks a whole new level of play and fun. 








Product includes batteryBuilt-in battery in the smart module
Recommended age14+ years
Package weight6830 g
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
Number of pieces4318 pcs
Box dimensions33 x 44 x 19,5 cm
Dimensions after assembly188 x 37 x 173 cm
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