Mold King 10011 Sports Car 10011 - Creative Idea

Racing car model kit in characteristic green color with black accessories. The model is high-quality and detailed, including the opening doors and engine cover, or perhaps the interior. The car was designed with the help of the well-known kit designer Brixpert.
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List Number: MK-10011
EAN: 6972316264114
Warranty:24 months
Manufacturer:Mould King
Price excluding VAT:795,35 CZK
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You can assemble the building kit from 1133 high-quality blocks according to the clear instructions.






The model is presented in a bright green color with black details and gold wheel rims. The overall processing is of very high quality - the cubes fit together exactly and hold firmly. You can open the engine cover and doors on the kit.





Once opened, you will see a detailed interior with sophisticated seats and dashboard. In addition to the details on the inside, the car has a lot of them on the outside as well. These include, for example, the adjustable mirrors or the precisely sculpted front and rear of the car with all the different curves and sharp shapes.






No racing car would be complete without a really powerful engine. That is why there is a detailed eight-cylinder engine with turbo outlets under the cover.





It doesn't matter if you display the car in the living room and enjoy it every time you pass by, or if you or your children play and race with it. The fun doesn't end with assembly. 




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