Star Destroyer spaceship over the city of Jedha Mould King 21007 - Space

Star Destroyer spaceship model kit over the city of Jedha. The model is high-quality and detailed, including the city located in the mountain. The ship is very accurate compared to the original model and you can store it after construction in the stand, which consists of the city itself and several transparent cubes.
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List Number: MK-21007
EAN: 6972316269072
Warranty:24 months
Manufacturer:Mould King
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The kit is assembled from 5162 pieces according to the clear instructions. 






All parts of the model are well detailed. The ship contains all the parts just like in the movie - you will find a shield generator, turrets with turbolasers or a targeting system for the ion cannon. 








It would be impossible without details visible up close. That's why you'll find a precise looking control cabin and ion cannon. The whole rear section with the 3 main engines looks very good. 



Jedha city

The city of Jedha, known as the Holy City, boasts many interesting buildings, led by the Temple of Khyber. And that's exactly the kind of city you'll build! There are countless buildings of different shapes and sizes in the city. In addition to these, you can also build the Temple of Cyber itself.




The kit is really big and quite demanding - therefore it is more suitable for experienced builders. It is 47 cm long, 32 cm wide and 32 cm high.







Recommended age14+ years
Package weight6480 g
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
Number of figures0 pcs
Number of pieces5462 pcs
Box dimensions44 x 33 x 21,5 cm
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