Escort Space Frigate Nebulon-B Mold King 21001 - MK Stars

A model kit of a multi-purpose spaceship designed to accompany troops, but also to protect against invaders from the dark depths of space, or as a reconnaissance ship. For example, the assembled model has a command bridge, a shield generator or a hangar space that can accommodate several shuttles.
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List Number: MK-21001
EAN: 6972316269010
Warranty:24 months
Manufacturer:Mould King
Price excluding VAT:3 724,66 CZK
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The kit is assembled from 6388 quality blocks according to the clear instructions. After assembly, the spaceship is really big - it measures 125 cm in length, 23.5 in width and 55.5 in height.






The frigate is well made with a lot of details. The shape, design and all parts are faithful to the famous sci-fi movies.







In addition to the big ship itself, the kit also includes 7 different smaller fighters that perfectly illustrate the atmosphere.






The boat is mainly used for exhibition. And believe me, it does its job perfectly! It will stand out wherever you display it. Whether it's the living room, the nursery or the hallway.






Technical parameters
Although the spaceship is a product of the imagination of science fiction enthusiasts, the Nebulon-B class ship also has set technical parameters and they are impressive:
-built by Kuat Drive Yards
-length 253.2 m
-width 147,7 m
-height 94.3 m
-shield resistance 800 SBD
-Armament 7x turbolaser + 3x heavy turbolaser + 1x missile barrel (10 missiles)
-crew 1 120 persons
-Passenger capacity up to 150 soldiers



Recommended age14+ years
Package weight7485 g
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
Number of figures0 pcs
Number of pieces6388 pcs
Box dimensions56,5 x 41 x 16,5 cm
Dimensions after assembly125 x 23,5 x 55,5 cm
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